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go watch it

The new Two Best Friends Play season started today, and I'm animating the intros!

Each week I'm gonna post some stuff I did for the episode on my tumblr….

Hopefully it's not gonna take 6 months to make the next one :p
this episode is like 20% cooler

and if everything works out there's going to be a new Two Best Sisters Play in October!
Here's what i did last month:…

there's a little bit of ponies in there too :D
thanks so much you guys!I really appreciate it!

i need to post more stuff on my DA :p
i spent the last week working on a mlp animation.

do you guys watch two best friends play?

do you guys like assassins creed?
i'm closing the request guys =/

I started to work on some of them, but right now i don't have the time to finish them :(

because i'm working on two mlp games. i'm really busy!

so... if i get some free time, i'll post something.
want a painting of your OC? a cover for your fic? or whatever?

then leave a comment with your request!

and maybe i'll do it!

we'll see...